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This year DERT is a one-day event. the venue is in the Old Midland Railway Village, right opposite the Derby Train Station, only a short distance from the Bus station and with parking close by.

All participating teams will have their instructions but any details for spectators will be placed here shortly


Time Event Description Class
10:45 DERT RECEPTION OPEN Downstairs Bar  
12:00 Mabel Gubbins Warm Up (Downstairs Bar)  
12:05 Sallyport Sword Dancers Warm Up (Downstairs Bar)  
12:10 Star and Shadow Warm Up (Downstairs Bar)  
12:15 NYFTE Warm Up (Downstairs Bar)  
12:20 Thrales Warm Up (Downstairs Bar)  
12:25 Newcastle Kingsmen Warm Up (Downstairs Bar)  
12:30 Northgate Rapper Warm Up (Downstairs Bar)  
12:35 Black Swan Rapper Warm Up (Downstairs Bar)  
12:40 Whip the Cat Warm Up (Downstairs Bar)  
12:45 Tower Ravens Warm Up (Downstairs Bar)  
12:50 Sallyport Vets Warm Up (Downstairs Bar)  
  Break Break  
01:00 Mabel Gubbins Main Competition Open
01:12 Sallyport Sword Dancers Main Competition Championship
01:24 Star and Shadow Main Competition Premier
01:36 NYFTE Main Competition Open
  Break Break  
02:00 Thrales Main Competition Championship
02:12 Newcastle Kingsmen Main Competition Premier
02:24 Northgate Rapper Main Competition Open
02:36 Black Swan Rapper Main Competition Championship
  Break Break  
03:00 Whip the Cat Main Competition Premier
03:12 Tower Ravens Main Competition Premier
03:24 Sallyport Vets Veterans Competition Vereran
  Break Break  
04:00 Tower Ravens Trad Trad Competition Traditional
04:12 Sallyport Trad Trad Competition Traditional
04:24 ThralesTrad Trad Competition Traditional
04:36 Whip The cat Trad Trad Competition Traditional
  Break Break  
05:30 BUFFET IS SERVED! Buffet  
06:30 Newcastle Kingsmen Showcase  
06:37 Tower Ravens Showcase  
06:44 Whip the Cat Showcase  
06:51 Star and Shadow Showcase  
06:58 Thrales Showcase  
07:05 Black Swan Rapper Showcase  
07:12 Sallyport Sword Dancers Showcase  
07:19 Northgate Rapper Showcase  
07:26 Mabel Gubbins Showcase  
07:33 NYFTE Showcase  
  Break Break  
07:50 Results and Prizes Results  
08:30 Close Close