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The instructions for making both Longswords and Rapper Swords have been written and illustrated by Geoff Charlton of Southport Swords (Longsword) and Frank Lee (Rapper)

You may view and download the Longsword instructions HERE. These instructions were kindly written and illustrated by Geoff Charlton, long sword maker and long time dancer with Southport Swords. All the material is copyright of the writer.

You may view and download the Rapper instructions HEREFrank's instructions are hand written and illustrated, and so we are providing a link to a pdf file for you to either read on your screen or download to your pc/laptop. Please note that the copyright is held by Frank and not by the Sword Dance Union

These describe how they make Swords, and are provided for those  teams that may wish to have a go for themselves.

If anyone wishes to contact Geoff or Frank, please email with a message to be passed on.