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Missing Painting

The painting by Pru Boswell of Ivor Allsop [left] when he was Squire of the Ring 78 ~ 80 has gone missing. It used to hang in his study where the Sword Dance Archive was held, but since Ivor’s death in 2012

the Archive and Library have moved on.  

There is a theory that the picture was sold on e-bay along with most of the extensive Library collection.  

Does anyone know of its whereabouts?


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The Sword Dance Union supports the Tradition of sword dancing in  the UK and worldwide.

In the UK there are two main styles of traditional dancing with linked swords: rapper and longsword.  Related to each other but very different.  The SDU site provides you with information on the UK dances and where to see them and how to find out more.

Across the world there are many variations of sword dance and styles, especially in Europe.  In modern times expats and immigrants have spread some of these wonderful and eye catching performances.  Information on sword dances beyond the UK will eventually be found across these pages.